Customer Support - Sales conditions


Orders must be placed by e-mail.

When placing an order, please give us:

·         your name and address, telephone and fax numbers, VAT number;

·         date and number of the order;

·         product description, code, quantity and kit size;

·         address of invoice and address of delivery.

Orders less than € 100,00 are not accepted. For orders less than 200,00 we will apply a handling cost of € 30,00.



All prices are quoted in EUR (€).



FAR provides delivery within 20 working days from the receipt of the order, with the exception of extraordinary conditions that will be communicated immediately. Any eventual delay will not cause the order cancellation.

FAR reserves the right to ship orders via best method which will ensure the product stability and minimize costs. The freight charges will be added separately in the invoice unless you decide to use your own forwarding agent.

The goods will travel at your own risk.

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify FAR of all necessary documents or permits needed for custom clearance or other purposes.



Payments must be in accordance with the customer payment terms in force; for payment in advance, FAR requires payment against pro-forma invoice.



FAR accepts only written complaints received within 8 days from goods delivery to the customer. Whenever FAR confirms the faultiness, we will replace the items; neither refund nor contract resolution are accepted.



Skilled scientists and staff persons are available to assist with any aspect of our product line.



FAR diagnostics are exclusively for lab use. Products must be used only by qualified personnel. Risk warnings are written on labels, on vials and on technical sheets. Upon request, we can supply security sheets. Products must be kept as per instructions on each item. FAR is not responsible for any damage from improper use and /or maintenance of the products.